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Window Tinting

You probably have seen tinted cars around and noticed that the purple tint films with bubbles are an installation issue. Here, in Alfa Window Tinting & Detailing, we guarantee bubble free, perfect tint installation.

  • Automotive Tinting
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Marine & RV Tinting


Clear Bra

The important factors that affect the car’s finish are road debris and acidic substances. The Automotive Paint Protection Film acts as a barrier between your automobile paint and items like rocks on the road or the winter salt, which can cause damage to the paint.

  • Front Kit:  $699 – $799



Alfa Tint & Detail offers you a professional services for cars, and SUV’s with expert detailing and 100% hand wash services.


Vinyl Wrapping

We pride ourselves in show quality vehicle wraps! It is our goal to make it difficult for anyone to be able to identify paint vs vinyl! We are very meticulous in our work and details are the key when it comes to quality wraps!

Quality Over Everything

We are using films which are made in the United States. These are Suntek, ClearPlex, and SolarGard films. Because these companies provide lifetime warranty, you do not have to worry about window tinting anymore.

We are sure that you will be satisfied with the professional and affordable window tinting service from us, and you will recommend our services to your friends and relatives as well. Just come and check out our facility. You will get a free estimate for the kind of job you want us to do.

If you have a messy window film on your vehicle, bring it to us and we can get it right for you. Our motto is to never allow a customer to leave our place unsatisfied.

Tint Price List

Window Film BrandsSolar Guard
Smoke Plus
Limited One Year Warranty
High Performance. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
HP Bronze, Blue. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Infinity OP mirror film. Heat rejection up to 67% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
Rayno Phantom Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 72% IR.
Lifetime Warranty.
Suntek Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 85% IR. Lifetime Warranty.UltraVision Optimum ceramic chameleon film. Heat rejection up to 92% IR. Lifetime Warranty. 3M Crystalline Ceramic film. Heat rejection up to 96% IR. Lifetime Warranty.
Windshield Visor/Strip$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Sunroof (1 piece)$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Front doors$70$80$105$105$140$165$190
Rear windshield$60$80$100$100$120$140$160
Front windshield$80$100$125$125$150$175$190
Rear 3 windows (coupe, 2 door truck rear 3 windows)$90$115$170$170$225$280$335
Rear 5 windows (coupe full tint, 4 door pickup truck rear 3-6 windows)$125$165$215$215$280$335$385
Sedan/4 door pickup full tint W/Out windshield.$165$210$280$280$370$440$510
SUV/Minivan full tint W/Out windshield (7-9 windows).$205$260$350$350$470$560$650

For vehicle prices in the list below contact us.

VW Beetle, Z06 corvette, Audi A8, Old school Mitsubishi Eclipse, Acura Integra, Lexus IS 300, Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Lexus LS 400, Old School RX 7, Old School T-bird, Old School Saturn, Old School Camaro, Old School Corvette, Chevy Beretta, Porsche 944, Porsche 924,  Oldsmobile Cutlass, El Camino, Thunderbird, Plymouth Barracuda, Monte Carlo, Firebird, Old School Dodge Stealth,  Porsche 911 Targo, Old School Ford E-Series Vans, Ford Festive, Ford Taurus, Old School F-250, Ford Econoline…

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