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You probably have seen tinted cars around and noticed that the purple tint films with bubbles are an installation issue. Here, in Alfa TInt & Detail, we guarantee bubble free, perfect tint installation.

We do not have mobile vans with tinting facilities as we prefer to have a permanent and better setup. SunTek films are claimed to be used by many tinting companies. Beware, because instead of using Suntek film, there are those who use inferior quality tint films, thereby saving costs and impacting your car windshield. Most often, the customer is not aware of this. Alfa TInt & Detail depend on genuine SunTek films and being at a permanent location, you can always come back to us, if you face any issues.

We have been installing tint films for over 7 years. Our total experience counts in thousands sq. ft. of window space. Our films have a lifetime warranty against adhesive, peeling, delamination, cracking and demetalization. So, you can be rest assured that you are covered on those ends.

Tint Price List

Window Film BrandsSolar Guard
Smoke Plus
Limited One Year Warranty
High Performance. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
HP Bronze, Blue. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Infinity OP mirror film. Heat rejection up to 67% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
Rayno Phantom Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 72% IR.
Lifetime Warranty.
Suntek Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 85% IR. Lifetime Warranty.UltraVision Optimum ceramic chameleon film. Heat rejection up to 92% IR. Lifetime Warranty. 3M Crystalline Ceramic film. Heat rejection up to 96% IR. Lifetime Warranty.
Windshield Visor/Strip$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Sunroof (1 piece)$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Front doors$70$80$105$105$140$165$190
Rear windshield$60$80$100$100$120$140$160
Front windshield$80$100$125$125$150$175$190
Rear 3 windows (coupe, 2 door truck rear 3 windows)$90$115$170$170$225$280$335
Rear 5 windows (coupe full tint, 4 door pickup truck rear 3-6 windows)$125$165$215$215$280$335$385
Sedan/4 door pickup full tint W/Out windshield.$165$210$280$280$370$440$510
SUV/Minivan full tint W/Out windshield (7-9 windows).$205$260$350$350$470$560$650
  • Removal of bubbled or faded tint must be quoted.
  • Only UV Clear 70% films are legal in California for front windows



There are some reasons behind getting your vehicle tinted

A reason to keep your car cooler. A proper tint film can keep away the heat from entering in your car. This keeps your vehicle up to 60% cooler during summer. All of us have faced high heated interiors when our car stays under the sun for too long. A proper automotive window tint film can work well providing more comfort to you and your co-passengers.

Protection from UV Rays. A high quality tint film can block 99% of those harmful UV rays. Now, even if you forgot to get that sunscreen on, be assured that you are pretty safe inside your car. When less light reaches your dashboard, fading and discoloration due to the heat also decreases. Even your seats, mats and stereo get to stay safe from the high heat.

Staying protected from accidents. Tint films have an elastic property. In the event of an accident or windshield crack, the tint film manages to keep the shattered pieces of glass from entering inside your car, thereby keeping its occupants safe.

Reduces the glare. The sun in front can be pretty daunting. Even heavy snowfall and high beam headlights from other vehicles and trucks pose a problem while driving. Tint films manage to take care of the same. It cuts off the glare, reduces the strain on your eyes and helps you drive safely.

Privacy and confidentiality. More privacy in your car from the outside world. A proper tint does not allow passersby to look into your car and your belongings. A burglar never try to hack the lock if he has no idea what is inside.

Maintains the interiors and keeps them brighter. A tint film for your car is the same as sunscreen for you. Constant UV radiation from the sun rays discolor and fade your interiors and the equipment in your car. A tint film makes sure that doesn’t happen.

Why tint?

  • Keep your car cooler
  • Protection from UV Rays
  • Staying protected from accidents
  • Reduces the glare
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Maintains the interiors and keeps them brighter
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