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Tint Price List

Window Film BrandsSolar Guard
Smoke Plus
Limited One Year Warranty
High Performance. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
HP Bronze, Blue. Heat rejection up to 58% IR.
Infinity OP mirror film. Heat rejection up to 67% IR.
Lifetime Warranty
Rayno Phantom Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 72% IR.
Lifetime Warranty.
Suntek Ceramic Film. Heat rejection up to 85% IR. Lifetime Warranty.UltraVision Optimum ceramic chameleon film. Heat rejection up to 92% IR. Lifetime Warranty. 3M Crystalline Ceramic film. Heat rejection up to 96% IR. Lifetime Warranty.
Windshield Visor/Strip$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Sunroof (1 piece)$30$35$45$45$60$70$80
Front doors$70$80$105$105$140$165$190
Rear windshield$60$80$100$100$120$140$160
Front windshield$80$100$125$125$150$175$190
Rear 3 windows (coupe, 2 door truck rear 3 windows)$90$115$170$170$225$280$335
Rear 5 windows (coupe full tint, 4 door pickup truck rear 3-6 windows)$125$165$215$215$280$335$385
Sedan/4 door pickup full tint W/Out windshield.$165$210$280$280$370$440$510
SUV/Minivan full tint W/Out windshield (7-9 windows).$205$260$350$350$470$560$650

Commercial And Residential Window Tinting Prices

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting$5.00-$14.001 sqft
Security Window Film For Office and Home$10-$14.001 sqft

Clear Bra Prices

Basic Lower Package:
Front Bumper
Standard Package:
- Hood strip 10-12 in.
- Fender tips
- Mirrors
- Front bumper
$699 (sedan, small SUV)
$799 (full size SUV, pickup truck)
Premium Package:
- Full Hood
- Full Fenders
- Mirrors
- Front bumper
- Headlights
- Door cups and edges
$1390 (sedan, small SUV)
$1490 (full size SUV, pickup truck)
Additional options:
- Rear bumper scuff strip
- Rear bumper
- Rocker panels ( 2 piece)
- Roof Edge & A Pillars
- Wheel Arch (2 piece)



Additional Options

Headlight Restoration$99.00
Head light/Tail light tint$99.00 - $165.00
Fog light tint$30.00 - $50.00
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