Commercial & Residential Tinting

Commercial & Residential Tinting

Window tinting is highly useful for residences and offices. Apart from improving the aesthetic quality of buildings and vehicles, window tinting provides protection from sunlight and UV rays and glare and improves the energy savings in buildings. Tinting also provides the necessary privacy for the people inside the building or your vehicle. Alfa TInt & Detail offers the best solutions for your window tinting needs if you are living in Sacramento. We provide the most cost effective solution and we use quality products for protecting your glasses. Whether you need the glass protection for a bid building or for your car you can contact us.

Commercial And Residential Window Tinting Prices

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting$5.00-$14.001 sqft
Security Window Film For Office and Home$10-$14.001 sqft


Window Tinting can Reduce the Cooling Cost by 50%

You can use Sacramento residential window tinting service to reduce the cooling costs of buildings significantly. According to the EPA Energy Star Buildings Manual, unprotected window glasses are responsible for about 50% of a typical home’s energy bill in the United States.  Heat loss and heat gain through uncovered window glasses increases energy use.  Latest technology used by Alfa TInt & Detail  helps in reducing the heat entering the home and prevent the loss of heat from the interior of the building during cold climate. The price for installing window films is less than the amount you have to pay as energy bills. You can select decorative film, privacy film or frosted glass film for your home, to meet your needs.

Window Film Increases Safety and Prevents Intruders

Glass windows are one of the main reasons which tamper your privacy and home security. Our safety and security window film prevents intruders from making the assessment about the interiors. Any offender will not be able to understand whether you are alone in your home when you have the right protective film installed over windows. The films will also fortify the glass. Tinting also protects the interior furnishings from harsh sunlight.

Suntek Window Film comes in a variety of styles and shades which allows the home owners or automotive owners to achieve the right kind of look they are looking for. You will be able to accomplish beauty, privacy and energy savings in your home or office using a simple product.

Creating a Better Work Environment

If you are running an office you need to provide the most comfortable working environment for your staff. Bright sunlight can cause eye fatigue and affects the productivity of the employees. Curtains and blinds completely prevent the entry of sunlight and increases the use of lights. Window films controls the heat and light and provide the comfortable environment for working efficiently.


  • Window tinting reduces interior heat by about 84 %
  • Window tinting blocks Glare by 94%
  • Prevent damages to interiors and fading
  • Blocks destructive UV radiation
  • Improves decorative aspect
  • Privacy enhancement
  • Tinted windows significantly increase the efficiency of the air conditioner and reduce energy consumption
  • Tinting increases shatter-resistance of the windows
  • Tinting protects the interiors from fading and cracking
  • Window Tint makes glasses durable and scratch resistant with the special coating
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