Frequently Asked Questions

This is a normal scenario and just be aware, that it is not a problem. It generally takes 2-4 days to get these imperfections removed. Actually, the small bubbled and the clouded overlay on your tinted windows are due to the plastic film that was used for packaging. It takes the excess moisture to dry away over a few days. It’s a natural process and trying to push out or pierce the newly applied tinted film may rather damage your tint. Let it correct by itself.
If the tint is applied on your car window let it remain untouched for the next 2 weeks at least. This gives proper time to the tint film to glue up well with the glass. If the tints are applied at your home windows, let it be in the same way for at least 4 weeks. Do not clean the tints during this initial period.

Cleaners: Branded glass-cleaners are good, but please be sure that they are not ammonia based ones. These solutions tend to dissolve the film and the tint lasts less. Simple dish soap or alcohol based cleaners can be good enough.

Materials to use for cleaning: Avoid any kind of brush. Its better to use a soft cloth or sponge wipes to do the same. Always make sure that your cleaning materials are free from dust if you have used them previously. Hard sand particles can tear through your tinted film leaving a scratch on your window.

The result is pretty much the same. The only difference is that computer cut tinted films can be installed faster, which really helps installer, not you. Hand cut tinting process can be a bit lengthy but most often hand applied tint films last better and cover every nook and corner of your glass easily.

We do have people coming in to get a hand cut tint applied after removing their computer-cut tinted films.

Cars usually have “dot-matrix” edges on the rear windows. The print area mostly does not let the tint film stick to it. However, since most of these thick lines or printed dots are in the middle, the tint film gets applied properly. It may happen that a white part remains bubbled across the printed portion.
All tinted films that we apply come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty against discoloration or adhesive failure.

We did not face such problems in the past and you should not worry about any crackling or delamination of any sort. We got you covered on that front.

A tint film is always applied to the inner side of the glass. So, there is no connection with weather. However, the tint cure time after installation might extend due to humidity. The tint solution needs to dry up and dry weather is effective in getting it done faster.
An extra layer on your glass actually helps the defroster act quicker. The insulation becomes thicker and takes effect faster. In the long run, your defroster also gets more rest time than usual.
A car wash from outside should never be an issue. The tint is applied to the inner walls of the glass.
We suggest that you keep them up for at least 5 days. This is because the tint will need to cure out on its own and the curing process becomes faster when the tint is in contact with the weather for a longer time.
Removing tint is manual process and takes much effort to complete. We do use a special process to make sure that your old tint is removed completely without harming the defroster. It’s better if we get a look at your windows to give you a tint removal estimate.
Communication interference can only occur with metalized tinting films. We at ALFA Tints make sure to use only non-metalized films. So, do not worry about any communication or radio issues in your vehicle.
A complete tinting process can be done within 3 hours but we would like to let it dry for another hour and check for any imperfections. Thereby, it would be easier to fix them up before your car is delivered back to you.
Just walk into our garage and you will be given all the options to choose from. Let us know your choice and we will have it applied on your car. You can also call us and we can give you a price estimate of the tinting process.
This is a very common question for us. It is legal to get a clear colorless transparent material as a tint on the front driver and passenger windows to help stop UV rays.

As per the new Sacramento window tinting law, modified on January 1st 1999, it allows “clear, colorless, and transparent material” to be “applied to the front driver and passenger side windows for the specific purpose of reducing ultraviolet rays.” (Source: http://www.chp.ca.gov). As per the California window tinting law, the front driver and passenger window must have a minimum of 70% visible light transmission (VLT) with or without film.

Use branded car wash solutions with a sponge microfiber mitt to clean the same. For mudded areas try soaking with soap and re-cleaning the mitt.

If the stain is too hard, use dawn liquid detergent and water. Your last resort could be a blue clay bar and then applying some coat protectant on the affected areas.

Dry it up with a fresh micro-fiber towel and use high quality/quick detail spray to cover up.

You get an extra layer of protection over your paint with the vinyl. Full body vinyl can keep your paint for a much longer time and scratches are not easily passed over to the body paint.
Definitely, we want you to come back again and get a better detailed car every time you drive out.  We have stocked up some pretty good gift certificates.
A good branded car wash solution should solve your purpose. Do check if the bottle says its wax intolerant. In such cases, the vinyl could be washed away faster.
It depends on the usage and maintenance of your car. Too much of scratches and rough exposures can really shorten the time your vinyl stays on the body. A moderate usage shows that basic vinyl warps lasts for at least 5 to 7 years, if taken care of. More exposure to sunlight can help keep your wrap tightened on the body for a longer period of time.
Cost behind a wrap depends on the design of the vinyl you choose. Hood, roof and side vinyl have different prices. Please call us on 9166700713 with your car model to get an estimate.
Vinyl wraps can be removed easily. You can get back your Out-Of-The-Box look anytime you want. However, once vinyl is removed, it’s damaged and cannot be reused. You now have a chance to get a new vinyl.
It’s your call. Whatever you prefer, we will do for you, but we would suggest getting the similar amount of detail on both sides. That helps your passengers have a similar feeling while being in and out.

Just imagine, when your friend sees your highly detailed car from outside and gets in to experience an OOTB dashboard and non-detailed interiors!

We are currently trying to fit in larger vehicles but as of now, we do not have the equipment to cater to RVs.
They go by different names but have the same jobs. They do last for a different amount of time. A good wax can last you for 3 to 4 months at least, while a sealant will do the job for almost an entire year. It also boils down to your maintenance capabilities. A better maintenance will enhance their longevity.
If you have a fabric interior, liquid spillage can be a big issue. Overtime, a liquid spill can stain into a dark patch and could be a permanent blot on your dashboard or seat. A fabric guard can stop that. You can wipe off the spillage immediately while the fabric guard holds the liquid from seeping into the cloth.
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